Evaluations & Appraisals

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Evaluations & Appraisals

Should I obtain an Appraisal or Evaluation? 

This is a question with many variables as to an answer.  Are you just curious as to its value? Do you require it for an Estate transaction? Do you want to sell your antique? Is it to update the insurance on the item? If the answer is "yes' to any of the above questions, it is time to obtain a Formal Appraisal or a Free Evaluation.

What is the difference between a Fee Evaluation and a Formal Appraisal? 

On every Wednesday, we offer our services "free of charge" in the gallery as it pertains to a Free Evaluation. We will spend up to 20 minutes evaluating your item(s) and provide you with a verbal evaluation as to age, condition, authenticity, marketability, and a range of value in the market place. This is NOT a Formal Appraisal and should not be considered as such. It is merely a "broad brush stroke" of our verbal opinion of your item.

A Formal Appraisal can be accomplished on virtually any item.  However, many hours may be consumed accomplishing the research on the item. And our time is expensive. A Formal Appraisal can be as little as One Hundred Dollars or it can reach into four figures.  The end result of the Formal Appraisal is a Detailed, Written Narrative of the item citing actual auction values realized for a like-kind item, its authenticity, and our opinion as to current day value in an arms length transaction.  The "Bottom Line" is if you are only curious as to your items value, a Free Evaluation should suffice.    

Divesting the contents of your family home can be traumatic, exasperating, and emotionally draining. Dealing with the passing of a family member is a monumental task in itself. We have tremendous experience in easing a family's  burden when this time comes. We can guide you through the process as to what should remain in the family and what should be divested. And we do it all. From tagging to removal and eventual sale. Our goal in this process is to relieve you of the stress of it.     

Time has taken its toll and we now have to deal with divesting our Parents Home and Contents. What do we do? 

We have reached the point in life where it is time to "Down Size". How do we go about it?

Most people have a tendency to underestimate the value of their belongings. While "yard sales' are touted as being the way to downsize, many a valuable antique has been sold for far less than value in this arena. We are here to assist you. All that it takes is a phone call to us! We will be more than happy to set up an appointment and accomplish a cursory review of the items you desire to divest. And we accomplish this, free of charge.       

Every Wednesday is FREE Appraisal Day!