Discriminating Jewelry Available

An extraordinary 17 carat Solitaire Dark Green Emerald Necklace featuring an additional 28 carats of Melee Emeralds and appx 5 carats of brillian diamonds set into 14K gold. Handcrafted by European Master Jeweler Lazlo Kardos appx 50 years ago. Each segment is hand crafted with no pourings or castings. Simply Exquisite. 

A 17 carat Dark Green Emerald Necklace emblazoned with an additional 28 carats of Emeralds & 5 carats of brilliant  Diamonds 

A Solitaire 37 carat Deep Blue Aquamarine  Necklace housed in 14k Gold .  

A Medium Blue Aquamarine Necklace featuring  a Solitaire 30 carat Oval Aquamarine and 2 - 17 carat Auquamarine ovals plus 5.5 carots of Melee auquamarine stones accented with 18K gold chain. 

A 45  carat Pink Topaz Necklace featuring an 18K gold accent